Comika, what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?


Before I went to college I spent a year working with Rhodessa Jones’ theater program for women in the San Francisco jail system, THE MEDEA PROJECT.


It wasn’t the bravest thing I ever did because of the environment, although that was definitely intimidating at first. It was the fact that I knew without a doubt after our first rehearsal that if my life had been even slightly different I would have been standing on the other side of the line in orange.


As we crafted our combined stories into a performance I became increasingly aware of how easily I could have been eaten by the revolving door of incarceration that has caught so many of us. The amazing gift that I received was the unbreakable belief in art and social change. I saw that the stories we tell, the art we create, and lives we live are all one thing.


If we live truly as artists we are there to give, to edify and validate the human experience, and to be madly, beautifully, and intelligently in love with everything polite society tells us to hide. 


~ Comika Ashby 


Oakland, CA



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